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About Us

"By the time you hear the thunder, it's too late to build the ark..."  - Anthony Huey, President

About CrisisDriver


CrisisDriver was created by industry-leading crisis communications and incident response expert Anthony Huey, president of Reputation Management, LLC.  Anthony's more than 25 years of boots-on-the-ground experience was key in making CrisisDriver the industry's most intuitive and comprehensive incident response solution available.

About Anthony Huey

Anthony Huey is a highly-rated international keynote speaker and crisis communications consultant who offers his clients pragmatic communications
tools, tips and techniques they can use immediately.

Anthony’s 25-year career includes tenures as a news reporter, magazine senior editor, crisis
management specialist, media relations consultant and executive speech coach. He owns
Reputation Management, LLC one of the nation’s leading communications training and
crisis consulting companies.

Anthony has presented more than 3,000 media, crisis and presentational skills training workshops, seminars and speeches in his career, and was named a Certified Speaking Professional by The National Speakers Association, an honor awarded to less than 12% of speakers worldwide.

About Reputation Management, LLC

PRAGMATIC. It’s the one word that best describes our work. Reputation Management Associates, LLC is a nationally-known media training, speech coaching and crisis communications firm. RMA’s unique approach to communications training comes from the trenches. We’ve spent our entire careers as reporters and professional communicators.  Our clients are Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, non-profit organizations, and local, state and federal government agencies.



How do you deploy enterprise applications and also ensure users have downloaded the latest version?

An enterprise mobility management software (e.g. AirWatch by VMware) is the most efficient and secure method for deploying internal applications.  By using an application management system you control deployment and can visualize whether each user has downloaded the application.

Is CrisisDriver meant for an entire organization, or just a select group of managers / key personnel?

CrisisDriver was designed for both target groups.  Using the Administrative Portal your System Administrator can determine which application version is distributed to each user - Basic Version or Full Version.  The Basic Version allows you to send alert messages, check-in, and view contacts.  The Full Version includes all features and is more applicable for management and/or your Crisis Communication Team.

Is the CrisisDriver mobile application available for Microsoft devices?

No, CrisisDriver is only available for Apple (iOS) and Android based devices.  Fortunately, Apple and Android share a combined 98.6% of the total subscriber share held by smartphone operating systems in the United States from 2012 to 2018 (Source: comScore)

Can CrisisDriver be integrated into an existing Active Directory (AD) system?

Yes, CrisisDriver was designed to integrate with most Active Directory systems.  If you are interested in this option please have your IT System Administrator available during the on-boarding process.


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